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About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Location: United States. Margaret Koch Biography Margaret J. Koch, Ph. She's returned to her first love, writing, and rather than write self-help books, she's turned to suspense and mystery. So don't expect her to address your bad habits. She hopes to become one of them. Barb Stark Mysteries by Margaret Koch. Words: , Language: English. Published: August 2, Fix political corruption? Meet Mother Nature at her worst and come out alive?

And want to do all of this while figuring out a complicated love life with very complicated men and match wits with a blood-sports pro and a crime lord? I believe this book is an absolute must read for anyone who is or will be a caretaker, and for everyone that wishes to understand themselves or others more.

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It is a book that I don't believe you have to be a cat lover for it to touch your heart, instead if you are a lover of life you will find this book worth the time to read. It drew me in from page one and held my interest sometimes in sorrow, when tears sprang from my eyes unbidden, and sometimes in delight for the little black cat held enchantment in its soul.

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Atke held me in the palm of her hand as she laid out her story. It left me believing in the value of hope and miracles and wishing it wouldn't end. I believe Ms. Atke has a definite talent for story telling that can only continue to grow. She weaves her tale so naturally, she makes you believe it is all true and if it isn't it should be. The book contains charming illustrations done by the author and could be read by and to children as well as enjoyed by an adult. Highly Recommended! Dye created a lovely book that is sure to charm and enchant other readers as it did me.

Her characters have depth and the situations could be written from my life or yours. This is not just another romance novel, it is a witty, delightful read that will surely have you laughing, crying, and wondering what comes next. Ellen Dye has a rare talent for creating characters and plots.

I for one will look for more of her work.

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I highly recommend Ending Up. You are glued to your chair, so to speak.

Impatiently awaiting the next episode, learning about aspects of American History, that although fictionalized, carry both reality and the seeds of truth in these books. As with book two, book three takes us deeper into the mind of John Brown, enabling us to see both the humanity of the man, in his probable prejudices, and the madness and genius of him.

Although, the author did take considerable liberties in his portrayal of some of his characters, it makes the story more engrossing and not less. For without the liberties it would be another history book with dates and facts, dry and unyielding about the minds and hearts of everyone who lived during that time. I cannot believe this series will not hit the silver screen at some time and go down in history as one of the best written of all times. As she breathes life into her characters, we glimpse how easy life can be, and how difficult we make it. We see the depths of evil that can occur in the human spirit and just how imperfect we can be, and we discover the stunning heights we can achieve if we allow ourselves to soar.

One can also understand just how much compassion we can achieve. If we are willing to go the extra mile and realize that no matter how well we think we know someone, there is a backstory that has not been shared with us, one that can be beautiful and yet heartbreaking. As each character unfolds, the motivations behind their personalities become clearer.

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Last, but not least this book can teach us a new way to look at nature, and make us wonder who the animals really are and how much we need to open our eyes and look at the world differently. I loved this book and highly recommend it. Dellani Oakes, has written a brilliant, romantic, science fiction, thriller. Wilhelm VanLispig Lone Wolf is a devilish rogue, sure to turn your eye, and melt your heart, if you are a female, but if you are a male, you may want to run as fast and as far as you are able.

Matilda Dulac a strong, beautiful, heroine is every bit the match for the Lone Wolf. The world Ms. Oakes creates is full of mystery and mayhem. Please, hold on to the seat of your pants, for this book holds surprises that will leave you begging for more. If you love romance, science fiction, fantasy, or mayhem, you will love this book. Dellani Oakes has done it again. In her book Ninja Tatoo, Ms.

Oakes gives us a run for our money in this action packed, adrenaline rush, romance novel. Her main character Teague leaves you breathless and wishing more romance books came complete with such realistic male characters. Though Ms. Oakes should put warnings on her books, cold shower might be needed during the reading of this novel. Kudos to Dellani Oakes for once again bringing us a romance novel worth its weight in gold.

Dead on arrival a Laura Hamilton murder mystery by Karen Vaughan is a must read for anyone how loves a mystery with a bit of twisted humor. Vaughan, brings us a brilliant and funny character in Laura Hamilton. This book is a definite keeper and will find a place in my reread list through the years. Truly who cannot love a book whose main character is full of charm, wit, and adventure.

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Highly recommended. I funny, adventurous, sexy, women, who just happens to come up with one murderer to many. It also has one hell of a sexy romantic subplot. It is reminiscent of the great books of years gone by. The history in this book is so wonderfully interwoven into the fiction that this reader had to google Annie to find out whether some parts of the story were fact or fiction. It is a tale of two cultures clashing. Both cultures considering themselves to be the ones who are sane, and the other insane and it was a dark time in our countries history.

It is both a romance and a test of character, for John Brown could turn out to be every bit of the bigot that many and still are today or he might prove himself more.

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Walker writes a magnificent love story that some will delight in. This is a book that will delight generations to come and teach us much about our country and ourselves. Barb Stark mystery series is delightful making fun in a nice way of those who think blondes might be dumb. For Barb Stark is anything, but dumb.

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She may be petite and blonde, but that is as far as it goes, though in this book she does try to utilize the dumb blonde idea to survive being murdered by a man intent on murdering his wife. I will not be a spoiler so that is as much of the plot as this reader will tell you. Margaret Koch, is a masterful storyteller, she builds characters that you can love and those you can hate. You might even see some of yourself in her stories, human nature being what it is.

Each new book I read that is written by Margaret Koch, keeps me coming back for another. It holds me spellbound and entertained in a way that is new and different in a murder mystery. They are unlike any other ones I have read.

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Margaret Koch tells us a tale of murder, romance, and the occult in book seven of her Dr. Barb Stark Mystery Series Cauldron. It is impossible to read this book without laughing and falling in love with each and every quirky character. While pondering the human condition.

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When life challenges us with the unexplained do we wish it to be kept a mystery or do we want everything explained? Is there, in fact, truth to the power of a curse, is magic real?

Are we haunted on deeper levels by the mystery of life when it is arcane? Margaret Koch, both answers these questions and leaves us wondering about them as she draws us into the life of Dr.

Catalyst! (Barb Stark Mysteries Book 8) Catalyst! (Barb Stark Mysteries Book 8)
Catalyst! (Barb Stark Mysteries Book 8) Catalyst! (Barb Stark Mysteries Book 8)
Catalyst! (Barb Stark Mysteries Book 8) Catalyst! (Barb Stark Mysteries Book 8)
Catalyst! (Barb Stark Mysteries Book 8) Catalyst! (Barb Stark Mysteries Book 8)
Catalyst! (Barb Stark Mysteries Book 8) Catalyst! (Barb Stark Mysteries Book 8)
Catalyst! (Barb Stark Mysteries Book 8) Catalyst! (Barb Stark Mysteries Book 8)

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