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Today many Americans waited with bated breath for an event that had not happened in the United States in 38 years, and will not happen again in this country until a total eclipse of the sun. Part of the literary beauty of the Bible is how the writers use natural objects and events, like an eclipse, as metaphors to carry across and communicate spiritual truths.

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  • When you looked into the sky today, or as you scroll by pictures in social media, did you only see what everyone else sees? Or will you see more, with the eyes of faith? When the sun is under a total eclipse, it loses nothing of its native beauty, light, and glory.

    So was it with the divine nature of Christ, as we have before declared. But this temporary eclipse being past and over, it now shines forth in its infinite luster and beauty, which belongs to the present exaltation of his person. And when those who beheld him here as a poor, sorrowful, persecuted man, dying on the cross, came to see him in all the infinite, uncreated glories of the divine nature, manifesting themselves in his person, it could not but fill their souls with transcendent joy and admiration.

    And this is one reason of his prayer for them while he was on the earth, that they might be where he is to behold his glory; for he knew what ineffable satisfaction it would be to them forevermore.

    A Total Eclipse Of The "Son" DVD

    Works of John Owen , Notes on Scripture , Yale edition, A total eclipse is one of the most terrible and grand sights that ever will be seen. But thank God, whatever eclipse happens to a Christian, it is never a total eclipse.

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    There is always a ring of comfort left. Not so this time.

    For the first time in 26 years this nation will host this eclipse. And no, that band of totality does not include Berrien Springs, Michigan. But the good news is we will witness In this alignment of what to us earth children are the three most important heavenly bodies in the solar system, perhaps the universe—there is an awe of the mysterious, the mystique of Creation itself.

    The sun has nothing special planned either Once in a while, the wheels click in synchrony and the indifferent universe offers up a rare spectacle How easy it is for me - by my careless words, my vain actions, even my private thoughts - to eclipse the face of Jesus. Through this quiet daily confession, you and I can reverse the eclipse.

    ¿Cómo se bloquea completamente el sol en un eclipse?

    Then no one will need protective glasses. Thursday, May 9, - Toggle navigation. Church is more than just a building; it's about people.

    Eclipse of the Son Eclipse of the Son
    Eclipse of the Son Eclipse of the Son
    Eclipse of the Son Eclipse of the Son
    Eclipse of the Son Eclipse of the Son
    Eclipse of the Son Eclipse of the Son
    Eclipse of the Son Eclipse of the Son
    Eclipse of the Son Eclipse of the Son

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