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At dinner the next night, the Sharps hear of a bookie robbery over the radio. While everyone suspects Hank, nothing is said. Hank is full of bravado and when he destroys a piece of Joey's property, Fifi is pushed over the edge. She will be forced to choose between her new life with Joey and her family. Perry's moved into the mud brick house and Lill is happy about that-or is she? During a drunken phone call with Perry's ex-wife, Lill realises her relationship may really be over. Then the unravelling starts as her happiness turns and reality starts closing in.

Can she live without Perry? It's another hot day and a fire has started in the Tuza State forest.

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Fifi learns that Fire Control Officer Bryce Austin will do everything he can to save Fox Cove, including putting his own house at risk. Meanwhile, Mike is closing in on Svettie and Sharpie's dope crop. He's torn between being the cop and living in a small country town where he has become familiar with the residents. It's a fine line and Mike is still an outsider.

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But a secret is out about Mike and his world is about to close in on him too. Lost River's very existence is threatened by the fires. Backa believes that it is less than 24 hours before the fires reach the village. Svettie makes an unexpected visit to the station and learns that the fire may reach Deep Creek by nightfall and alerts Sharpie, who enlists the help of his son Hank, to help harvest their Deep Creek plantation before the fire arrives.

Meanwhile, Lill asks Perry for a truce until the fire has passed, but Perry refuses. Backa convinces Donna that the only way he can unite his brigade is to get them out to the fire ground.

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However, when they confront the raging fire, the flames have spread too far and Backa is forced to fall back to Deep Creek to backburn. Svettie, cut off from all communication, is in the middle of the area he intends to burn.

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Kieran, knowing where his father, brother and Svettie are, convinces Lill that they must warn them before they get trapped. When Lill becomes a hero on the fire ground, she realises maybe she'll be able to survive on her own after all. The fire front is racing into Lost River, it's much bigger than they thought and the water pressure has failed. The trucks are going to have to relay back and forth to the dam at Sharpie's to refill, and when they discover that Suzie's place is burning inside the roof, Backa has to make a difficult call.

Meanwhile, Lill's left Perry with a box and a question. Joey's thrown into the thick of things at the Sharps, with Hank being his usual infuriating self and Sharpie way too relaxed to be much good. Svettie knows exactly what to save-but what should she do first when she can't leave the shop? It's going to be a long day at Lost River. In the final hour of Fireflies, days have passed since the fires.

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Everyone is trying to return to normal and clean up the damage, but it's not going to be easy. Lill tries her hand at spinning.

She has a few CWA ladies over for a spinning session-nothing more meditative or calming, until Perry arrives and shocks her with the news that he's changed his mind. After many arguments and tension, he has finally decided that he does want to have a baby with her.

Now she really has something to meditate on while she spins her wool! Fifi and Joey are begrudgingly living with Uncle Jeff, but they're hoping it's only temporary. It's got to be temporary. Just has to be. But Joey knows that with the fires gone and their caravan burnt out, Fifi's going to have to reconcile with her family.

This gripping series, which follows our characters over one long, hot, fiery summer, has real heart, bite and humour. Fireflies explores and redefines rural myths as the idyllic constantly struggles to meet the reality of country life.

The community survives because its people work hard for it to survive - they're our 'everyday heroes'. With over , volunteer firefighters around Australia, the Rural Fire Service RFS , like all volunteer organisations, is the glue that holds small communities together. Fireflies captures large acts of heroism by the Lost River Rural Fire Brigade alongside simple acts of kindness and what it means to belong to a community.

In Lost River it's fire season. With dwindling numbers, fires to fight, and family rivalry, the brigade's existence is threatened. Lill quickly learns that if you want to be part of a community, you have to work for it. Volunteering as a rural fire fighter is Lill's chance to fit in.

Their business is going under and relations between them are tense. However, family rivalry may just prevent their union. To survive this terrifying summer, volunteers at the RFS will have to put aside their personal differences to save themselves and their town. About the Author Mike Willette is a husband, father and grandfather who has been an entertainer and singer for all of his adult life. The book came about as a result of a Christmas show Mike and his family produce for local television in his home state of Maine.

A large part of the proceeds go to a local children's charity each year. Mike is also a businessman, and is currently operating a traditional 15 piece Big Band. He needed a 'new idea' for a portion of the Christmas Show, and this thought of a Christmas Firefly just nagged him until he put it on paper! It was a labor of love!! Christmas is a very important time to Mike's family, as it is with many families, and he thought it was time for a new Christmas hero.

So here she is!!! This is Mike's first Children's book and he thinks there may be more!

Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1) Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1)
Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1) Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1)
Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1) Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1)
Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1) Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1)
Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1) Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1)
Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1) Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1)
Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1) Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1)
Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1) Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1)
Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1) Firefly (Fifi Firefly Book 1)

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