HEART to HEART [11] (Carp)

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CARP Antibody (G-2) | SCBT - Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Shaded boxes show identical residues. Figure 2. Expression of Arpp and Carp in human skeletal muscle tissues demonstrated immunohistochemically. Arpp-positive myofibers are scattered randomly in a checkerboard-like pattern. Both nuclei arrowheads and cytoplasm of myofibers are positively stained. Positive immunoreactions coincide with muscle striation in Arpp-positive muscle fibers.

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Carp is undetectable in almost all myofibers. Very small numbers of Carp-positive myofibers were detected. Positive immunoreaction coincides with muscle striation in Carp-positive muscle fibers. Myocytes positively immunostained and those stained at only a trace level are observed G , H. Figure 3.

Winter's Heart/Chapter 33

Muscle-type-specific expression of Arpp protein. Paraffin-embedded human skeletal muscle tissue sections were analyzed by double-immunostaining analysis using confocal microscopy.

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Subsequently, these first Abs were detected by Alexa Fluor conjugated goat anti-rabbit secondary Ab green or Alexa Fluor conjugated goat anti-mouse secondary Ab red. Figure 4. Arpp and Carp expression in human heart.

Carp is expressed in both ventricle A and atrium C. Ventricular cardiomyocytes diffusely express Carp protein B. Carp is also expressed in fetal heart at 11 developmental weeks G. Arpp protein is strongly expressed in ventricular cardiomyocytes D but rarely expressed in the atria F.

Ventricular cardiomyocytes expressing Arpp at high, low, or undetectable levels were admixed E. Arpp expression is barely detectable in fetal heart at 11 developmental weeks H. Figure 5. Arpp is induced during differentiation of C2C12 cells. A: Western blot analysis of differentiating C2C12 cells for Arpp expression. Mouse skeletal muscle Skel and HeLa cells HeLa were subjected to the same analysis as a positive and negative control, respectively.


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B: Arpp is expressed in differentiated C2C12 cells. These first Abs were detected by Alexa Fluor conjugated goat anti-rabbit secondary Ab green or Alexa Fluor conjugated goat anti-mouse secondary Ab red. Arpp was detected as green signals a , e , h. Myogenin was detected in the differentiated myocytes red in b. Among the myogenin-expressing myotube-like cells, Arpp-positive myotube-like cells and Arpp undetectable myotube-like cells white arrowheads in c were admixed.

After culture of C2C12 cells for 7 days in DM, among undifferentiated myoblast-like cells black arrowheads in d , differentiated myotube-like cells were distributed. Figure 6. Arpp and Carp are strongly expressed in RMS cells. Enter your email below and we'll send you another email.

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HEART to HEART [11] (Carp) HEART to HEART [11] (Carp)
HEART to HEART [11] (Carp) HEART to HEART [11] (Carp)
HEART to HEART [11] (Carp) HEART to HEART [11] (Carp)
HEART to HEART [11] (Carp) HEART to HEART [11] (Carp)
HEART to HEART [11] (Carp) HEART to HEART [11] (Carp)

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