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Gaining Spiritual Eyes

Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy, your whole body also is full of light. Luke Jesus is foreshadowing that his death and resurrection will be a sign for all generations and peoples of the earth.


He would indeed become a light upon the stand. Jesus says that if our eyes are healthy, then our whole body will be healthy. I think Jesus is addressing our life perspective—how we see and perceive life around us. When we see life from the wrong perspective, our eyes become dull so to speak and our perceptions become our reality.

Lord, I know that maintaining a Godly perspective on my life and my circumstances is so hard. Daily I am confronted with competing perspective on life—from the news, from my unbelieving friends, or the devil who is always trying to twist and contort your reality.

Physical, Astral & Causal Cosmos

The only way I can fully embrace the right perspective on life is when I am in fellowship with other believers but even more when I immerse myself in your Word on a daily basis. Your Word is my plumb line. After the devotee is able at will to see his astral eye of light and intuition with either closed or open eyes, and to hold it steady indefinitely, he will eventually attain the power to look through it into Eternity; and through the starry gateway he will sail into Omnipresence.

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Progression through the spiritual eye, experienced by advancing yogis, unfolds first the wondrous perceptions of superconsciousness, the region of rays of light out of which all matter evolves. The creative cosmic rays hide like veils the presence of the immanent universal Christ or Krishna Consciousness, the Lord omnipresent in creation.

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By deeper concentration and meditation, the spiritual eye of intuition opens, and through the wisdom star the yogi becomes united to the Christ-Krishna Omnipresence; and thence, in deepest ecstasy, he reaches the Cosmic Consciousness of Spirit. Be not satisfied with anything less than Spirit and the bliss of Spirit. Pay no attention to variations of the inner light, but practice concentration on the light of the spiritual eye.

The light of the eye must be used only to look for God, the One whose presence is hidden on the throne of light. Long concentration on the liberating spiritual eye has enabled the yogi to destroy all delusions concerning matter and its gravitational weight; thenceforth he sees the universe as an essentially undifferentiated mass of light.

Spiritual Eyes - World Wide Wolfmueller

The single eye in the forehead of man possesses spherical vision. In meditation that vision gradually expands for the yogi into an ineffable sphere of constantly changing luminosity, blissful and omnipresent. After experiencing this vibratory vision of Aum as the Cosmic Light, the emancipated yogi goes beyond all delusive relativities of vibrations.

He then feels and realizes the Transcendental Lord—He who exists behind the transitory dreams of cosmic matter and its myriad components of cells, molecules, atoms, electrons and protons, "lifetrons" prana or energy , and "thoughtrons" the ultimate basis of matter. In the transcendental state God spins out His dreams of ideational causal , astral, and physical universes.

The physical cosmos, with its many "island universes" floating in the eternal void, is encircled by a nimbus of radiant energy that melts away into the larger astral world. The astral cosmos is a grander manifestation of creation than the physical, and runs through and beyond the latter. In the astral cosmos many luminous galaxies of various densities, with their astral solar and stellar systems, are roving in a vaster sphere of eternity. The largest or causal cosmos contains countless causal galactic systems with their suns and planets, roaming all through the physical and astral cosmoses and far beyond their boundaries to the outermost sphere of vibratory space.

The causal universe is the womb of creation.

If we could see into the Spiritual World, what would we see?

In the causal universe, God's finest creative forces of consciousness, and highly evolved beings with their intuitive processes, objectify universes from subtle divine thought forces. To attain the Creator, Krishna tells us in this passage [The Gita VIII], the yogi must completely penetrate his life force through the single or spiritual eye.


Jesus said, "If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. In deep meditation on the inner spiritual eye, one can experience this transcendence: By consciously withdrawing the life energy and consciousness from the senses and muscles and nerves, one can perceive the sublimation of the body into the rays of the spiritual eye, transforming the consciousness of flesh into the consistency of light.

The light of the body is resurrected into the Cosmic Christ Light, the mind into Cosmic Consciousness, the human will into Divine Will, the mortal life into Eternal Life, the joy of the soul into the Bliss of Spirit.



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