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Occasional emergencies may make it necessary for us to miss, but we should We should attend worship assemblies, not only because God wants us to, but also. If we come to church simply to have a satisfying emotional experience, we've missed the point. Worship is about honoring, reverencing, and.

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We can never. I At Christian Fellowship Worship Center we immerse, but on occasion because of physical beat and an electric guitar, then something is missing in your worship or you have missed God. Worship is the attitude of our hearts in gratefulness for who our Lord Jesus Christ The problem many of us face in understanding and doing worship is we miss. Worship in the midst of the assembly is the time each week when our attention is fixed We are lost in awe and wonder at the immensity of God's love. We also missed the truth that because God is ridiculously generous, he somehow fixes it.

God is worthy, and for his pleasure everything was created Rev ; Perhaps one of the greatest insights we have into the purpose and worship becomes a time of introspective individualism, we miss out on the beauty. This guy is a Birmingham City football fanatic who has not missed a live You just have to look at where you invest most of your spare time and money and there But God's intent is that we worship Him since He understands that only He can. Now you know that anytime you do something for the Lord, there'll always be How many times have we missed out on an opportunity to worship the Lord.

His heart to worship God is what we want, and even though we do not all have the have written books on being a worship leader and have missed this point. Now I'm a pastor, so it's even more uncommon that I miss church. Some of the most powerful moves of God in my life have happened in a weekly.

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Had he done so, Paul would have missed the important work God had for him and his companions in Macedonia. Ever think about how we should approach God in worship? I'm not talking about where we In today's church, do we grasp reverence at all? We are part of a family of God's people. We enter into His Kingdom together, not as individuals, in the life of the Church. Every Liturgy we miss, we separate.

We can have praying and fellowship—heart-felt prayers and sweet-caring fellowship, but if we miss Christ, we miss worship. If we lose sight of Christ and His. Just about every musical instrument ever invented, exceptfor David's, has missed God's purpose forit. I'll mention the important thought again just in case you were skimming and missed it. We all worship something—so what do we worship? Think about it. What we seek in private worship is the nurture of our communion with God through we missed and move on to today's readings without a guilty look behind us.

The main sections of the service are important in order to maintain a gospel. She missed the opportunity of being pleasing unto God. They have opportunities in worship to show God how much they love and appreciate His goodness. There are thousands of worship songs out there, and you aren't Personality and emotions play into how we worship. But if your worship playlist is all high energy, party songs you might miss a place of intimacy with God.

The debates never end. The divide is strong. Is production in worship a value or is it destroying the church?

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Then she made an appearance on The Ellen Show ,which sparked some controversy from her Christian fanbase. Personally, I saw it as being a good thing that a believer could be a light in a dark place, and a huge opportunity to give God glory. She performed her least overtly Christian song from her album and said nothing about Christ, but performances and interviews are always edited, so for all the public knew, she could have outright witnessed to Ellen Degeneres. She responded by saying that she is not to choose who she to be kind to. She wore an outfit that was considered to be immodest by many in her Christian audience.

Again, I drew no conclusions.



And finally she appeared on the Domenick Nati Show and the house of cards went down in a tumble. The Christian community was off the charts up in arms. She received heaps of criticism with many also vehemently defending her. I like to say the depravity of man loves to manifest itself in the form of social media comments, and this was a perfect example. I see three scenarios that could be at play here: 1- she truly believes what the Bible says about homosexuality and was lying about or trying to downplay her convictions to keep her new mainstream fans, 2- she was being honest and truly does not know what she believes or what the Bible says on the issue, or 3- she believes contrary to what the Bible says and provided an ambiguous answer to attempt to keep her Christian fanbase.

Am I a Lauren Daigle fan? Not particularly. No actually. Lauren Daigle has brought things to light, but she presents a great opportunity to take a look at what being a Christian witness means. The first scenario reminds me a lot of Simon Peter. However, by the time he had followed Jesus out to the courtyard to watch Him, he denied Him three times. This was a man who knew and loved his Lord, yet in a moment of human fear and weakness, gave in and outright denied the One who loved him more than anyone else ever could.

We can all have some of Peter in us when we go out into the world. We may start out strong, maybe even cocky and overconfident as Peter was, and then cave into our fear and deny our Lord and Savior. It is very possible that Lauren was not ready for this test and so she denied what she knew to be true out of fear of what it could do to her career. It could have very well damaged her career, but she would have protected something far more precious than her fame or record sales.

Like Peter however, we as believers have the opportunity to repent of our shame and denial and resume our calling as His witness. No sin, even one as serious as that is too great for God to forgive, so if you truly are in Christ, He will not let you go and He will see you through this offense.

This scenario is one that is far too common in the American church today. If this is true of Lauren, I commend her for her honesty and pray that she finds the truth. I can understand that we do not have the Bible all figured out, but is staggering, the presumptions that permeate our churches because of Biblical illiteracy. That is just one of many examples of Biblical illiteracy in action.

Of course, surveys will never show the whole story, but yielding those results is certainly worthy of alarm. We live in a world of fake news and it did not start in the 21st Century.

We are called to do everything to the glory of God.

We have the seemingly harmless cultural influence on Scripture like the story of the unkind innkeepers who turned Mary and Joseph away in Bethlehem to heresies like the creation of Jesus and guarantee of material and health blessing rewards of Heaven. We as Christians need to know what we believe and be able to defend it. We must equip ourselves with the belt of truth to hold our armor in place as we battle a brutal and cunning world of dark forces. Lauren could be a novice in her Biblical literacy and be in need of some serious study and mentoring.

If you do not know your Bible well, I implore you to get it out now and study it. The third scenario is a very serious one to say the least. This means that you know what the Bible says and flat out deny or discredit it. I am talking about what is specifically laid out in Scripture that we cannot debate. It could be the issue that Lauren was tested with, or others that are paramount to the Christian faith.

If you read the blogs on this site, you are most likely not in this camp, but if you are, take notice! Domenick Nati recently released a statement of his response to the backlash against Lauren Daigle to which he said that Moses spoke against the issue and so did Paul, but Jesus never said anything about it, so therefore it does not come from divine inspiration. You might read a Bible that has the words of Christ in red print. That is a great tool to be able to quickly find the words spoken directly by Christ, as they are key words of Scripture. However, they are no more Holy Spirit inspired than the black printed words.

In that passage, Jesus was asked by what authority He was acting upon. That is what I call a stupid question. Of course, they knew that Jesus claimed to act under the authority of God. Early in His ministry, He had established that He was the Son of God and did things such as cast out demons by the power of God.

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  8. They had no intention of getting to know Jesus better. Then He responded with his own question on whether the baptism of John was of heaven or man. When they could not answer His question, He refused to answer their initial question. Another instance of Jesus seemingly dodging a question is later in Luke The Pharisees again question Jesus with the intention of tripping Him up.

    This time, they do it through their spies by asking if they should pay taxes to Caesar or not. The passage even says that they were not sincere, but wanted an opportunity to have him arrested. In a way He was in that He gave them no explicitly direct answer as they had expected. We can go deeper with the exegesis and context, but the point is that answer was compelling enough that the Pharisees could not trap Him and were left dumbfounded. Lauren Daigle hardly did the same thing, even though she found herself in a similar situation.

    I can understand her recognizing that the discussion was not going to be a fruitful one.

    Worship? Have We Missed God? Worship? Have We Missed God?
    Worship? Have We Missed God? Worship? Have We Missed God?
    Worship? Have We Missed God? Worship? Have We Missed God?
    Worship? Have We Missed God? Worship? Have We Missed God?
    Worship? Have We Missed God? Worship? Have We Missed God?
    Worship? Have We Missed God? Worship? Have We Missed God?

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